Apocalypse Chain

Know the ACL
The ACL Foundation was co-sponsored by a number of well-known investors in the industry and technology industry experts. It is committed to serving the future of all mankind. In order to achieve a better social aspiration, based on the future of mankind, and constantly realize its own development and innovation.Through the combination of technology and value, we create more attention to the security and privacy of users and data, and realize the return of value to the subject.

Business Introduction

Apocalypse Chain combines blockchain with the Internet of Things, provides an asset and data value exchange platform, and serves as the Edge Computation Center, providing access to tens of thousands of Internet of Things access solutions, and providing digital assets for the system Innovative token economy.

Apocalypse Chain Token

Apocalypse Chain Token (ACL) is a proof of the autonomous rights of the ACL Foundation's ecological community. Designed for the better development of the community and to motivate community members, it was established by the ACL Foundation. This proof of stake does not belong to any team, and its final interpretation is also vested in the community. The total number of ACL issuances is 21 million and will never be increased.

About the ACL project

The Apocalypse Chain project was designed from the beginning to focus on solving the security, circulation, transaction, and sharing of IoT data, and through decentralized blockchain technology, to achieve access to IoT nodes of any size and type, breaking data Platform barriers. IoT equipment vendors, builders, data owners, and data demanders can each take what they need in the ACL Chain network to form a perfect business closed loop.

About Us

Core values

The foundation and the times make common progress, projects and world trends are in harmony, and technology is in harmony with human tomorrow.

Our vision

Apocalypse Chain relies on equipment, network as a link, value as the context, and data as the core to build a "IoT + Blockchain" value IoT ecosystem to realize the IoT in the information age. "Consensus", "Co-governance", "Share" and "Community" of the service.

Foundation culture

Become a community of social and economic value, save resources, improve human productivity, create global future value.